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High Brilliance Neutron Source

The next-generation neutron facility for science and industry

The HBS aims to be the first High-Current Accelerator-driven Neutron Source (HiCANS) in the world as a unique infrastructure for neutron scattering, analytics, and imaging. The neutrons are produced by a nuclear reaction at medium proton energy leading to low background, efficient beam extraction and high flexibility for instrumentation and operation. Due to its modular design, the HBS will be resilient, and achieve a highly competitive instrument performance.

The HBS concept for an user facility is fully scalable with respect to the number of independent target stations, each serving up to 12 instruments.

On December 12th 2022, first neutrons were delivered to three instruments from a low-power test facility at Forschungszentrum Jülich proving the validity of its robust and innovative concept.

Further Information

Conceptual Design Report Jülich High Brilliance Neutron Source (HBS) (PDF, 10 MB)

LENS Report on Low Energy Accelerator-driven Neutron Sources (PDF, 4 MB)

Strategy paper of neutron research in Germany 2015 – 2045 (PDF, 820 kB)

HBS: The next-generation neutron facility (PDF, 14 MB)

Sustainable neutrons for today and tomorrow – The Jülich High Brilliance neutron Source project

T. Gutberlet, U. Rücker, E. Mauerhofer, P. Zakalek, T. Cronert, J. Voigt, J. Baggemann, J. Li, P. Doege, S. Böhm, M. Rimmler, O. Felden, R. Gebel, O. Meusel, H. Podlech, W. Barth, T. Brückel

Neutron News (2020), 31, 37-43
DOI: 10.1080/10448632.2020.1819132